HVAC Systems and air duct cleaning are an important part of indoor air quality and building maintenance.  Air Duct Klean utilizes state of the art equipment and techniques to thoroughly clean all parts of HVAC systems.  This includes ductwork, air handlers, coils, blowers or fans, heat recovery devices and diffusers.  We use only "source removal" methods, dirt and debris is never covered up or coated with encapsulants.  So, how do you clean all that ductwork?  First we take down and wash diffusers and grills and cut access points into the section of ductwork being cleaned.  At one end of the duct a large HEPA filtered vacuum is connected to collect and contain debris.  Then working towards the vacuum from our access points we snake out the ductwork with a combination of rotary brushes and compressed air.  This agitates and loosens accumulated dust, dirt and debris so it can be collected by the vacuum.  This technique leaves the interior portions of ductwork free of debris and easily passes the NADCA vacuum test.  Once a section of ductwork has been cleaned registers and grills are reinstalled and all access points are patched and sealed.

HVAC Systems Cleaning

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